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this was a fun challenge! if you enjoyed it then make sure to check out my channel and comment down more video ideas! also please subscribe, like this video, and hit the notification bell to get notified for every time i post:) g o a l can we get to 250 subscribers by the beginning of august? sub count: 201 #abcgymnastics #gymnastics f a x age? 10 grade? 6th sport? all-star competitive cheer pet? dog named magic i post lifestyle and cheer videos s o c i a l s tiktok- jennastar_ pinterest- jennastar_ vsco- jenna-star e q u i p m e n t camera: iphone 8 editing app: imovie on iphone x o x o, jenna
ABC gymnastics challenge!ABC gymnastics challenge!ABC gymnastics challenge!ABC gymnastics challenge!
ABC gymnastics challenge!