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Listen track - https://band.link/Shivaya MIX For DJ (extented) - https://cutt.ly/UbHEFGh Om namanah shivaya - mantra to SHIVA My second single SHIVA is the motives of Arab and Indian cultures with the sauce of incredible Minimal Techno. I am inspired by music and wish everyone to enjoy this music. Follow artist RAJA https://www.instagram.com/raja_music7 https://www.facebook.com/raja7music Sound prod - https://www.instagram.com/nikita_bogdanov_music/ oṃ namah śivāya ॐ नमः शिवाय Он нама шивая
RAJA - SHIVA (Minimal Techno 2021)RAJA - SHIVA (Minimal Techno 2021)RAJA - SHIVA (Minimal Techno 2021)RAJA - SHIVA (Minimal Techno 2021)
RAJA - SHIVA (Minimal Techno 2021)