12 arrested in Polk County for child pornography ▶11:55
How the FBI tracks down child pornography predators ... ▶7:20
Child porn arrest of volunteer youth pastor ▶0:49
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On Child Porn Case, Twitter Details Tools To Locate Content ... ▶2:33
Clearwater Intermediate Teacher Charged with Child Porn ... ▶0:36
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Port St. Lucie officer will remain jailed on child porn charges ... ▶2:07
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'Worst case of child porn ever seen' ▶1:28
Police bust major child porn ring ▶2:04
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Priest arrested on child porn charges and LeBron James ... ▶21:06
2 brothers accused of sending child porn in text ▶1:20
Ontario police detail years-long investigation into 'big box ... ▶2:10
South-Western City Schools teacher charged with possession ... ▶2:07
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9 arrested in child porn bust ▶2:16
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19-year-old charged with child porn, researched Joe Biden ... ▶1:34
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Canadian probe led to hundreds of child porn arrests ▶1:07
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Jared Fogle pleads guilty to child porn charges ▶1:34
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Cambridge teacher faces child porn charges ▶0:54
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Operation Snapshot: behind the scenes of a child porn bust ... ▶11:41
School officials met with parents after coach arrested for ... ▶2:15
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HS Counselor Arrested for Downloading Child Porn ▶1:11
Jared Fogle pleads guilty to child porn charges ▶2:16
PD: Man seen downloading child porn during raid - ABC15 ... ▶0:48
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