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9-Year-Old Boy Donates Socks & Underwear to Foster Children ▶1:57
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Galiva Boys' Extra Soft No Show Cushion Sport Socks ▶0:31
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Super cheap Nike elite socks (very good condition) ▶7:05
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The Multimillion-Dollar Crazy Sock Business Run By A 22-Year-Old With Down Syndrome ▶5:07
The Multimillion-Dollar Crazy Sock Business Run By A 22-Year-Old With Down Syndrome ▶6:11
shoes and socks match *thanks for the idea aldi* ▶3:16
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Showing my football socks from new school and new shin pads thailand info ▶0:43
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Teacher gives student the shoes off his feet for graduation ceremony | Get Uplifted ▶3:43
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100 Socks challenge game - boys vs girls ▶3:12
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Supreme x Hanes Underwear and Socks Review/Unboxing and Pickups from Supreme LA ▶0:55
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Florida Kid Entrepreneur Brothers Design and Sell 70,000 Socks for Charity ▶1:19
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